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Engr. Ochade M. Osekwe chairman nccijOn behalf of members of our laudable chamber, I wish to welcome you to the official website of this great chamber.

The NCCIJ functions as the effective investment information gateway via which the Japanese business community in particular and the entire world in general can tap into and take advantage of the huge untapped businesses and investment opportunities that abound in the single most populous black African nation, Nigeria. During its few years of existence, the chamber has successfully midwifed several investments involving Japanese and their Nigerian counterpart.

To say that business opportunities abound in Nigeria is to say the least an understatement. These opportunities abound in almost all the sectors of the economy. It may be shocking to note that even the Oil & Gas sector of the Nigerian economy which many believe has been massively tapped, still has so much untapped opportunities. While the Oil & Gas industry has been the major focus of most foreign and indigenous investors, several other equally viable sectors, have hitherto been neglected over the years. The reason for these seemingly abandoned sectors is that the capital outlay required for investment in these sectors such as the solid mineral exploration and mining is huge and it is not such that can be effectively sourced locally. This challenge has been of a gargantuan nature hence the Nigerian investors who have had to attempt investment in some of these sectors had to abandon the investment midway for lack of the requisite capital.

The Nigerian banks have not helped matters as their interest rates are too high to sustain new investments and indeed, where these investors display their readiness to accept the loan notwithstanding the interest rates, the requirement of a “valuable and easily disposable” collateral from the prospective lender, would be another almost insurmountable hurdle to handle. It is in the light of these challenges which have largely prevented lucrative investment in some of the said abandoned sectors, the NCCIJ arose to stand not only to sell to and/or convince the Japanese business community of the availability of these opportunity in Nigeria, but also as the link between them and the Nigerian economy.

The NCCIJ believes that synergy of strength by the duo of the Japanese foreign investors (via the provision of the requisite equipment and initial operating capital) and the Nigerian businessmen, would maximally benefits not only the individual investors involved at both ends, but also the economies they emanate from. The NCCIJ can say that the only way out of this business quagmire, is this foreign/indigenous partnership.

The chamber would however note for emphasis that the Nigerian economy is still largely an evolving one, in which processes involved in the requite approvals to operate a business are at best crawling. This is why we have always advised every intending Japanese investor, to come through the chamber so as to get enough education particularly as it relates to the processes involved in registration of business and all other requisite processes involved in it. In this regard, we have and will still assist such prospective investors to get the right professionals from the Nigerian end to advise and undertake the registration processes on their behalf howbeit with the payment of the attendant costs.

We shall always be on the watch out to be of assistance in these regards.

Engr. Ochade M. Osekwe

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